Strunal schönbach since 1922

Under new management

I was obligated to be industrious. Whoever is equalilly industrious will succeed equally well.

Johann Sebastian Bach, 1750, Germany

It is an honor to be able to announce the new Strunal following a hectic period in the history of the company. Originally known as Cremona and over the years going through several changes since it establishment in 1922, has now finally emerged anew with focus not just on the history of the region and the company but also a fresh look at the future of production of musical instruments in Luby and the Czech Republic.

Jens-P. Olsen Director

Strunal Schönbach 2016 Novelties

Violins and Violas

Student violins; Stradivarius or Guarnerius model with Ebony or Rosewood trimmings, inlaid purflings, slightly flamed neck, back and sides. Ebony chinrest, black or nickel-plated adjusters. Spirit varnish or color-washed finish.

Concert violins; Stradivarius or Guarnerius model, color-washed or hand-made spirit varnish, Ebony or Rosewood trimmings, inlaid purflings, well flamed finest aged loft–seasoned and selected Maple neck, back and sides, Ebony or Rosewood chinrest, nickel-plated adjuster, Thomastik Dominant strings.

Student and Concert violas; Ebony trimmings, inlaid purflings, high polished or semi matte finish, including Ebony chinrest, black or nickel-plated adjusters, flamed neck, back and sides, Jupiter or Thomastik Dominant strings. Colour-washed or spirit varnish finish.

Master Pieces; fully hand-made certificated instruments


Plywood: Spruce veneer top with several options for back & side veneer including Oak, European Cherry, Maple or Mahogany. Beechwood neck, fingerboard and bridge, Nickel-plated machine heads, steel strings, open pore, high gloss or matte finish.

Solid Top: red Cedar or Spruce top (A+ grades on request) with several options for back & side veneer including Walnut, Oak, Redgum, Santos Rosewood or Tineo. Beechwood or Mahogany neck, Rosewood or Ebony fingerboard and bridge, wooden binding, Van Gent or Schaller machine heads, D'Addario or Savarez strings, open pore or high gloss finish.

Double Basses

Student and Advanced Double Basses; with Spruce veneer or carved solid Spruce top with inlaid purflings, laminated back and sides, with high polished or semi matte finish, ebonized trimmings, swelled back, Rubner or nickel-plated machine heads.

Concert Double Basses; fully carved, with solid Spruce top, solid Maple back and sides, fine Ebony trimmings, inlaid purflings, flat back, hand shaded, Rubner machine heads, D ́Addario Helicore or Spirocore strings.

Finishes available:

  • Coloured: golden-brown, chestnut-brown, reddish-brown, golden-reddish-brown
  • Non coloured natural finish in transparent lacquer
  • Colour-washed with sanded-edges
  • Hand-made spirit varnish

All models offered with 4 or 5 strings

Master Pieces: fully hand-made certificated instruments